Opening LNG filling station Zwolle

Geplaatst op: 1 August 2012

On the 5th of September we will celebrate the official opening of our first filling station in Zwolle (The Netherlands). The opening takes place on the industrial Hessenpoort, Zwolle

The LNG24 filling stations are unmanned but open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At these filling stations both types of LNG trucks (9 and 18 bar) can fill up with a high filling speed. The transporter pays using his card at the pump.

Ballast Nedam is breaking the deadlock with LNG24. LNG24 helps the market for LNG  retrieving, by the construction of a public network of LNG filling stations at strategic locations.

LNG24 is also working on the development of a number of filling stations at the following locations: Duiven, Veghel, Venlo, Roosendaal, Rotterdam, Rijnsburg, Pijnacker and Amsterdam.

Do you want a filling station close to you? Contact us. Click here for the contact form



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  • 3430 BJ Nieuwegein
  • The Netherlands
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