How does it work?


LNG filling up is as easy and just as quick as filling up with diesel (150 litres a minute). You connect up and press a button to start the pump working. The button must be kept pressed all the time when filling up, and the pump automatically stops when the tank is full.


The LNG in the storage tanks cannot explode and does not burn because there is no oxygen present. As soon as LNG is released into the air and becomes gaseous it does become flammable in combination with oxygen. Because natural gas vaporises, spreads very quickly and is lighter than air its flammability is limited. The requirements for materials and storage are established in strict industrial safety standards and form the basis of the high level of safety of LNG.

Tried and tested

LNG fuel has already been used in the transport sector in the United States for 40 years. Increasing numbers of goods vehicles are also driving on LNG in Sweden, England and Spain.


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